Pre-recorded Sessions: From 4 December 2020 | Live Sessions: 10 – 13 December 2020

4 – 13 December 2020


VR Theater

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Date/Time: 04 – 13 December 2020
All presentations are available in the virtual platform on-demand.


Description: This story is about an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now he seems to be flying in the sky, but he is actually locked in the capsule of a spacecraft. Suddenly he gets a chance to fulfill his childhood dream.

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Art in the Void

Description: When everything is empty, we create art. It fills us and gives us life. Art defines intelligent life.

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Description: An old canary, yearning for the sun, flies into space. Burned by the sun's flames and revived, Canaria sang a song of regeneration.

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Description: “Destiny” is a VR short from a bird’s perspective that tells people who are driven by money from birth to death. During the experience, the main character will be requested to perform a series of tasks by consuming a certain amount of time and money to build a complete narrative.

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Edgar's (equirectangular) Escapade

Description: Edgar has Epilepsy and his perception of time is broken. Three overlapping timelines illustrate Edgar's struggles at ages 7, 17 and 27. Edgar learns that through education and honest open conversations he is ultimately then able to embrace the moment right in-front of him, whatever it may be.

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Description: A student, one day, asks around the class for water; however none is left. Questions hence arise among his classmates about what would happen if the water runs out?(This story is purely experimental and illustrated according to children’s point of view about the thirst and water shortage)

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Immersive Symphonic Theater with Somatosensory Interaction

Description: This 3D immersive interactive theater is created by latest technologies such as touch radar sensors and wind sense, as well as combining the characteristics, vocalization principles and rhythm of each instrument. The fun and excitement interactive content and story leave the audience impressive great memories.

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Last Dance

Description: On the destroyed Earth, only AI survived who was given a mission: Regeneration of Mankind. It kept recreating the Earth but it always ended up with human extinction. The AI finally landed on the Earth due to its interest in a woman dancing alone before the end of the world.

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Locus Solus

Description: Locus Solus is the third and final part of Christian Lemmerz’s Virtual Reality trilogy. Locus Solus combines hypnosis with the idea of death. He uses the medium to seduce directly and unscrupulously, but at the same time invites a cultural reflection on the reality of consciousness.

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Description: After a century of technology development, Gezaixi (Taiwanese Traditional Opera) has interpretation in several forms. What kind of experience will it bring if we watch it on the head-mounted display? Does it still count as Gezaixi when the characters became virtual? Maybe you will give the answer.

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Description: "Replacements" depicts a Javanese family routinely observing their neighborhood day after day, generation after generation, replacement after replacement. it is a VR story about roots, time and change.

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Description: On the playground, a frustrated girl’s jealousy clouds her inner thoughts and takes her deeper into hell, where a simple solution eludes her. Swing is a narrative, virtual-reality film combining 2D (TVPaint), 3D (Maya) and 2.5D (Oculus Quill) animation techniques.

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The Visit

Description: The Visit, an interactive VirtualReality experience, developed from a research project conducted by artists and psychologists working with women living with dementia. Visitors are invited to sit with Viv, a life-sized, photorealistic animated character whose dialogue is created from verbatim interviews, drawing us into her world of perceptual uncertainty.

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Description: Virtual recreation of the mummy known as Kherima that was destroyed in the 2018 fire at the National Museum. This experiment, which explores techniques of virtual reality, digital reconstruction and immersive narrative, enables a new approach between the public and the artifact

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Description: The theme of this VR short is to imagine the methods of pregnancy in the future. The short film aims to guide the audience to contemplate gender issues, technological ethics issues, and the relationship between occultism and science.

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