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4 – 13 December 2020



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Date/Time: 04 – 13 December 2020
All presentations are available in the virtual platform on-demand.

Rebuilding Notre Dame

Description: On April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire. Today, Notre-Dame is not entirely saved, but still standing. Experience a unique and unprecedented immersion in the cathedral blending the cathedral before and after the fire, narrated by the leaders who look after the iconic monument.

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SHE: An Interactive VR Short Film to Discover Who You Are

Description: “SHE”is a VR interactive short film,and its story revolves around a boy who is struggling with gender identity.This work uses multiple strategies for narrative guidance in a 360 environment to fully immerse viewers in the plot.We also built a haptic device to enhance the physical sensations of the VR experience.

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Description: This is a story about a small girl doll whose goal is to be a ballet dancer. Viewers do not just watch over the story but also pass a Feather to her interactively. As she receives Feathers, she grows up to pursue her goal to be a ballet dancer.

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Garden of Changes – VR Experience as Meditative Divination Device

Description: The forking path structure of a Chinese garden was turned into a divination device, based on the legendary iChing, the Book of Changes. Different to speedy gamification and the pace of jump-and-run games, the Virtual Reality experience invites to ponder, reflect and appreciate the green reconstruction of the vanished trees.

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S(a|ou)ndbox: Sound Augmentation to Sand Sculptures Using Parametric Speakers

Description: S(a|ou)ndbox is the sandbox enhancement system that augments appropriate sound to sand sculptures using parametric speakers. The proposed system recognizes the kind of sculptures based on depth images from an RGB-D camera. Users can feel as if the sand sculpture itself were emitting the sound.

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Frozen Factory: A Playful Virtual Experience for Multiple Co-Located Redirected Walking Users

Description: Frozen Factory is a playful VR experience for two co-located users who are both re-directed simultaneously. Redirection is seamlessly integrated with gameplay. This allows to explore a virtual space which is 5 times as large as the 5 x 3 m² real-world play space that is shared by both users.

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FoodBender: Activating Utensil for Playing in the Immersive Game with Attachable Haptic

Description: In this project, we have shown the potential gameplay of activating utensil with attachable haptic, which provide an enhanced experience in our immersive game.

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Split Rendering for Mixed Reality: Interactive Volumetric Video in Action

Description: This demo presents an application that enables free-viewpoint rendering of interactive high-quality volumetric video content on mixed reality devices. The application uses a novel technique for animation of VV content of humans and a 5G edge cloud-based rendering framework for real-time streaming of volumetric video content.

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A Mixed Reality Telepresence System for Dissimilar Spaces Using Full-Body Avatar

Description: Enjoy the telepresence experience with your partner from remote space represented as an avatar in your own place. In your space, you can sit down, stand up, point to an object or draw on a screen. You can sense your space and partner as if you are together with partner.

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Remote Virtual Showdown

Description: We developed multimodal sport VR system with PVI’s sport game ‘Showdown’. The showdown is one of the blind sports that provides only audio and haptic feedback. We have developed the two modes: person vs. AI agent (PVA) mode and person vs. person (PVP).

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Interactive Training of Drone Flight Control in Mixed Reality

Description: This paper presents a mixed reality system for remote interactive training of first-person view drone flight control. A remote trainer and a drone player can interact and communicate with each other while sharing the same virtual environment, even if they are present in separate locations.

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Is This My Phone? Operating a Physical Smartphone in Virtual Reality

Description: This demo shows a prototype system that enables VR users to operate the full-featured smartphone in the virtual world in the same way as they normally do. We explain the design procedure of the system and the strategies we adopted to run the system with high resolution and low latency.

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Demonstration of ObserVAR: Visualization System for Observing Virtual Reality Users using Augmented Reality

Description: We present ObserVAR, a visualization techniques using Augmented Reality that allows the instructor to observe the virtual environment and VR users at a classroom scale. The ObserVAR maps the virtual environment to the instructor's physical environment and optimize the VR users' gaze visualization using a graph drawing technique.

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The Island of Pain: Virtual Reality Experience for Patients with Chronic Pain

Description: Our virtual reality experience trains chronic pain sufferers to better manage their pain. They learn by following voice-over instructions of a clinical psychologist and through interactions with a virtual character. This game mimics one of the sessions from a psychological intervention that is proven to help reduce perceived pain levels.

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